Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pennsylvania Blueberry Still Cider

No gravity readings on this recipe, but it seems to be a nice and easy to make drink that really pleases the dry red wine drinkers, that are eager to sample their way into a home fermented beverage.  This recipe is mainly for my still version, but more than one person has stated  it may be a fine carbonated beverage.  When I drink it still, it is served at room temp and in a wine glass - much like you would a merlot.

3 Gallon Batch
3 Gallons of local apple cider
6 pounds of frozen blueberries (hand crushed)
1 pound of chopped craisens
1 12oz can of pie blueberries in syrup
1 12 oz can of 100% frozen apple juice concentrate
2 pounds of light brown sugar
1 capdem tablet (crushed)

Day 1 - Thaw and crush 3 pounds of berries.  Combine in sanitized fermenter with cider, craisens, canned berries, juice concentrate, sugar and capdem.  Put cover on fermenter and allow to rest at 70* for 24 hours.
Day 2 - Pitch yeast and hold at 70*

Ferment for 3 weeks

Day prior to racking - thaw and crush 3 pounds of berries.  Place in sanitized fermenter (I put in hop sack this time) and add crushed capdem tablet

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